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Thank you for your interest in our customised car gloves.

Please let us know which model and colours you like. We will then send you the leather samples for this glove and an order form with a measurement sheet. You can then measure your hands at home, feel the quality of the leather, choose the colour or further customise your glove.

Of course, we can also advise you on the phone. You can reach us on this telephone number: 037462 289842.
We will also be happy to call you back, please enter your phone number in the form.

Your gloves will be made with great care according to your measurements, so you should expect a delivery time of 8-10 weeks.

Model selection
Desired colors

You can request leather samples in different colors or have details of a model modified. If you leave your telephone number and request it, we will call you back. We would be happy to advise you before making your purchase decision.

Desired details

Would you like a special seam color or do you have a question about the design options? Do you need 2 dimension sheets because you want to order the same model for your partner? Would you like us to advise you individually?

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