September 18, 2022. we present ourselves at the classic car parts market in Leipzig

On September 18, you can examine the quality of our custom-made car gloves at our booth at the Leipzig Oldtimer Parts Market and exchange ideas with leather glove maker Rico Wappler. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Uwe Steimle with his classic car at the photo shoot for CarGloves

We met the actor Uwe Steimle in 2015 when he visited our glove manufactory. As part of his MDR documentary "Steimles Welt" (Steimle's World), he toured Central Germany from 2013 to 2019 in a Wartburg 312, visiting people with special stories.

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Sustainably tanned leather

Tanning is the most important step in leather production because it preserves the animal skin and makes it stable and resistant. The tanning process prevents the protein threads from decomposing, sticking together and hardening when the animal skin dries. Only through several tanning steps does the raw hide of the animal become high-quality leather.

Lamb nappa leather from hair sheep

Hair sheepskin is particularly even and soft. The fact that it has such a smooth surface with the finest pores is due to the hair sheep, which have no wool but a fine coat. It is therefore particularly suitable for very fine leather gloves, which are incredibly supple and cling to the hand like a second skin.

Why do drivers' gloves have cut-outs on the top?

The distinguishing feature of car gloves are the round cut-outs on the so-called backhand, i.e. the upper side. This is the typical driver look. The holes are located above the knuckles so that the hand can curve in a relaxed manner when gripping the steering wheel.

What makes our deerskin special

Deerskin is very soft, supple and thin, but also tear-resistant. It has a uniform distinctive pore structure and is very soft to the touch. Our deerskin gloves are mainly hand-sewn stitch by stitch to emphasise the sporty style of the leather.

Peccary leather

Peccary is one of the most luxurious and softest leathers in the world. As a characteristic grain pattern, it has a pattern of three small pores sitting in a row. It is considered the ideal glove leather because it is very supple, durable and warm and does not restrict the sense of touch or the mobility of the fingers.

Why car gloves are not only stylish but also useful

The steering wheel of old cars is often only the thickness of a finger and is usually made of smoothly wrought leather, mahogany wood or even Bakelite. All these are not good prerequisites for a good grip.

Driver's gloves with half fingers or whole fingers?

Here, it's not just the look that counts.

Care for leather gloves properly

After wearing, pull your gloves briefly and firmly into shape. For example, a not too hard edge on a wooden table is suitable for this. If your gloves get wet, dry them slowly, i.e. not on the heating or in the sun. While they are drying, you should often pull on your gloves or put them on. This will keep them soft and in shape.